Minister of Youth and Sport of The Republic of Tatarstan Rafis Timerkhanovich Burganov held the ceremony of the opening of Sabantuy in London. Under the anthem of the Republic of Tatarstan, the minister raised the flag of Sabantuy and read out the WELCOMING of the President of Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Nurgali uly Minnikhanov and announced as being officially opened.

Guest that came to honour: The Chairman of the Association of Culture of Tatars from Italy, Zugra Ibraevna Mazhitova along with the Representative of from Italy Venera Abdukhalikova, also  the executive director of Tatar Association and Bashkir Kazakhstan Rinat Abdukhalikov, and executive director of the Federation of sport wrestling with belts of the Republic of Tatarstan Khabir Khabibullin, who was the referee and the judge of the traditional wrestling tournament “Tatar Kyriash”, and one of the managers of Tatar and Bashkir in Latvia Finat Gazizov.

Rinat Abdukhalikov read out the compliments from the President of Association of Tatar and Bashkir of Kazakhstan Grif Khairullin participant of London Sabantuy.

Furthermore, the concert took place in which the charming group from Kazan who go by the name and the solo singer Liliana Gazizova. The audience participated with pleasure in the traditional games that were held, wrestling, fired up dances. The winner of the heavyweight level wrestling became Arslan Zalialov. In a friendly competition of arm-wrestling, the two-time winner was Ruslan Lutfullin. Nakole Iddirisu, our official representative and a member of UK Tatar Association came second for the 80KG weight limit. Those that were present and came to the event were treated to national Tatar dishes; Peremiach, echpochmak and chak-chak, and were also served the delicious pilau(plov).

Upon the closing of Sabantuy in London the management of UK Tatar Association saluted/complimented all participants and guests, whom supported the new direction of the festival Sabantuy in London. The support of funds came from the finance capital of the world, where London is the leading finance centre and heart of the world, that provided a colossal opportunity for a charity organisation UK Tatar Association, for that a heartfelt gratitude for invaluable abettance and support. We could raise the donations from those, whom sincerely wanted to give the money to the children’s home, for disabled children. UK Tatar Association management noted, that for Tatars in London and Europe treated them with respect, took part in the Sabantuy event and supported in the charity. This direction in the finance capital of the world is supported and welcomed likewise in the spring festival of Nowruz. The Nowruz festival is a yearly spring festival that takes place on the 23rd of March together with countries: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan and Tatarstan.