13 March 2012 Mr. Ramil Rifmir uly Minullin organist the beginning of the first meetings and formation of UK Tatar Association in London.

Furthermore Mr. Minullin travelled to Sabantuy on 1-2 June in Visaginas (Lithuania), his plans were to create the first Sabantuy in London and for this he had to be present and see first-hand at the event of  Sabantuy.⬇




Also in June 14, 2012 Mr. Minullin flew to Kassel (Germany) and together with the organisers participated in the organising of Sabantuy, which was held on June 16. Confidently, Mr. Minullin organised the committee and managed the preparations for Sabantuy in London. And finally succeeded, the first Sabantuy was carried out by Mr. Minullin on July 14, 2012, literally a month after he had acquired experience in Lithuania and Germany, having grasped the features of the Sabantuy festival being held at the highest level, experts gave a mark-up on a scale of 1-10, it being 10 of course.