Speaker: Imam Ramil Belyayev

Born on July 23, 1978 in the village of Krasnaya Gorka, Pilninsky district. Received his primary education in his native village – Krasnogorskaya high school. He studied at the history department of the Kolomna State Pedagogical Institute, after which he received his degree as a historian and teacher of history. From year 2010, is a PhD candidate of the University of Helsinki (Finland).

In 2004, with the invitation of the Tatar community in Finland he moved to Finland to work as an imam of the Community. Editor of chief of the magazine «Mähallä habärläre» (Community News).

Dear colleagues!

I would like to thank my dear friend the chairman of Tatar Assossiation of United Kingdom for inviting me to this seminar. It’s very important to hold this kind of seminars, because it gives an opportunity to gather and to disscuss about actual problems in our society.

I have visited the Association several times and it is pleasure to mention that the organisation is developing dynamically. And in the growing of activity of Tatars in UK the main role is playing Mr. Ramil Rifmir uly Minullin and all his friends who help him. Nowadays UK Tatar Association organises Sabantuy and Nowruz events, makes strong relations with Government of UK, Republic of Tatarstan. The Association is a member of European Aliance of Tatars wich means relations to Tatar ogranisations in European countries.

For the future, the Association plans to build a strong organisation with wide activities in culture, language and religions. Behalf of muslim society of Finland and Rupublic of Tatarstan we wish success and best future to Tatars in UK.

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