Dear Friends!

At the present time we run courses of the Tatar language, classes are free! Lessons include basics of the Tatar language, grammar, informal conversation, the Tatar literature and history, social and economic and political vocabulary. Depending on your interests and wishes, we will adapt lessons to make them as useful and interesting to you. Classes are designed for all levels of proficiency in the Tatar language, starting from scratch.

All interested in the study of the Tatar language, please contact us leaving the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Phone number and Email
  3. Your approximate level of the Tatar language (null, primary, basic, advanced, can read and write) – Your level will continue to be tested.
  4. For what purpose you want to learn Tatar languаge
  5. The time that is convenient for lessons
  6. The area in which you live (in order to find a place for training, the most convenient for the majority!)

We are waiting for you! And, please, invite your friends.