On 6th March 2014, there was a celebration of the Nowruz festival of spring balance that was held at the luxurious, historical building in London. The organiser of the festival: Lady Renwick who is a prominent public figure in the UK – Nowruz Commission Ambassador in the United Kingdom. In attendance of the celebration, there were members of the House of Lords of Britain, the ambassadors of foreign countries, accredited London journalists and prominent members of the British public and the leaders of the cultural societies of Great Britain. Among the participants and guests, the Tatar Association of Great Britain played an active role in the celebration. There was an interesting art exhibition, also included participants that showcased their national costumes and cuisine, where Nowruz is a holiday that is widely celebrated amongst them. The festival ended with a concert as part of the program. At these events, the UK Tatar organisation actively participated and showcased national costumes, Tatar national cuisine, as well as invited artists from the Republic of Tatarstan, who delivered an amazing performance and highlighted this holiday. This charming and very talented singer Liliana Gazizova, and the trio band of “Zu-Lyay-La”; the cute, wonderful and honoured artists of Tatarstan; Zulfia Valeeva, Leisan Makhmutova and Lyasan Zakirova. Their performance lit up everyone as it was truly great, various songs of different genres including folk, pop and classical.

In regards to this; I wish to thank our artists for their contribution to performing wonderful songs, as well as Chairman of the Board of the World Congress of Tatars Rinat Zakirov, who supported the Tatar Association of Great Britain and thanks to him, Nowroz festivals’ participants were able to assess our Tatar culture.

Tatars from the UK evidently do not forget their traditions. We always communicate with our compatriots, with other national-cultural societies, and on this occasion I want to remind you that, from the beginning of summer the most favourite holiday of Sabantuy begins for Tatars. Wherever Tatars of the world live at, this festival is usually held in early summer, as in the villages the festival of Sabantuy is carried out after the hard field work of spring, when times are tough during the week and when once crop harvest is over, in return you can relax and have fun on the holiday festival.