ON THE OUTCOME OF THE SABANTUI IN LONDON 2014: Entry was free to all, but those who wished to taste the national dishes of Tatar and Uzbek plov had to purchase entry tickets. There were total 129 tickets sold online. £553.30 rated from tickets sales, £665 donated by the trio band – “Zu-Lyay-La” and £90 raised from the sales of artistic handicraft products designed by Zulfiya Latypova. Artists entrusted the Tatar Association of Great Britain to transfer the funds collected as a donation to the children of the orphanage home in Tatarstan. Aside from that, we want to inform you that the trio “Zu-Lyay-La” – Lyasan Zakirova, Leisan Makhmutova, Zulfiya Latypova and singer Liliana Gazizova all participated in the preparation of Tatar dishes; peremyach, echpochmak, chak-chak and thanks to the Tatar national dishes, and Uzbek plov we were able to collect donations for the children’s orphanage home.


As a result, orphanage in Tatarstan has received the donation of £1308.30 (equivalent of 77 000 rubles) that was spent to purchase medicines.

A heartfelt thanks to you all for the help, for it’s not the first and only time we could help children with disabilities, a massive thanks to everyone for their support.

May everyone do good deeds as best they can in accordance with their capabilities and the effort they exert for it; if everyone was determined and dedicated to make at least one good deed a day, even the most seemingly insignificant, the world would become a lighter and kinder place to live in.