From the moment of its existence, the UK Tatar Association has taken an active charitable role, also in terms of cultural and educational side of things. 2015 was also filled with a variety of events. Traditionally, at the beginning of the year it was marked with the celebration of Nowruz. The success of this event has grown and has become widely known in London as the festival of Central Asian countries (CASF). This year was the sixth celebration of Nowruz, which represented 6 countries including the Republic of Tatarstan. During the charity events of the festival UK Tatar Association of Britain raised £ 1,000 pounds to help the people in need in Tatarstan.

On June 27th there was held the fourth celebration of Sabantuy. During the festival, a charity event took place within in which at a small cost people received a treat of certain national Tatar dishes, likes of echpochmak, peremyach, chak-chak and Uzbek pilaf. In the preparation of the charitable event there were active participants involved in the preparation of the national Tatar dishes who were Jane Harrison, Valerie Harrison, Gilyara Saimardanova and Gulnaz Asaeva. During the charity event the total of collected funds (donations) was £1150 pounds.

We would also wish to announce that due to the sale of handicrafts designed and crafted by Zulfiya Valeeva of the trio ” Zu – Lya -Lia ” given to us on and for Sabantuy in London , were sold as part of the artistic goods for £ 50 pounds. The singer asked UK Tatar Association of Great Britain to give the collected donation towards the people in need in Tatarstan.
The world is not without good people! The donations collected will go to the people in need in the Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan. The total amount of raised funds for charitable purposes amounted to £2500 pounds.

Many thanks to all who participated in the charitable activities of the UK Tatar Association.